Xanadu Investment

The Company

Xanadu Investment (H.K.) Ltd. is a Private Equity Investment Company, focusing on China and businesses along the Eurasian Trading routes.
Xanadu Investment has been founded in 2000 and is owned and managed by partners with a long investment and consulting experience in Europe and East Asia.


Investment Philosophy and Focus

Xanadu Investment follows the trails of the ancient Silk Road and its contemporary reincarnation as the One-Belt-One-Road Initiative.

We support Asian companies and investors to expand into Europe by identifying and evaluating potential investments and we help investors to find and approach acquisition targets. Just as well we support European companies and business owners in finding investors and buyers from China and South East Asia.

In our investments we seek to maximise long-term returns for our shareholders. We believe that above-average-returns can be achieved through focusing on investments into companies or projects which have a distinctive competitive advantage or a leading position in a growing market, and an outstanding, passionate management team.

We focus on emerging Asian markets with strong demographics and a reform minded government and on businesses with low capital intensity, such as tourism, hospitality, media and professional information and trade.




Xanadu Investment Ltd.

30F Jardine House
One Connaught Place
Central Hong Kong

Phone:  +852 9855 2801
Mail:  eugen.vonkeller@xanaduinvest.com


CIO and Chairman

Dr. oec. Eugen von Keller

Studied law in Geneva and Management at University of St. Gallen.

Professional Carreer
- Controller at Siemens AG
- Strategy Director at Bertelsmann AG
- Senior Partner at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
  1990 - 1996 responsible for Eastern Europe, Privatisation and M&A
  1998 - 2007 President Asia

Member of the Advisory Board of Jade China Value Partners
Member of the Robert Bosch Foundation China Expert Comission

Working and living in China since 1998.

The meaning of Xanadu

Xanadu was first mentioned by Marco Polo as "Changdu", the awesome summer residence of Khublai Khan, the 3rd Mongolian Emperor of the  Chinese Yuan Dynasty. At the time of his journey, the Sino-Mongolian Empire stretched from the shores of the Yellow Sea to the Danube, covering China, Indochina, all of Central Asia and parts of the Middle East, Russia and Eastern Europe.